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Refrigerator 700L
Refrigerator 700L
1 481.44 € + VAT
Internal dimensions W x D x H: 624 x 702 x 1414 mm
Temperature range: -2 °C to + 8 °C
Tested at an ambient air temperature of: +16 °C to +38 °C, climate classification ST
Body and door made of premium stainless steel AISI 304
Stainless steel width: 0,9 mm
Interior in stainless steel
with rounded inner corners
Sheet/rack dimensions B x T: 530 x 650 mm
Stainless steel solid doors
Changeable door hinge
recirculating air cooling
Automatic defrost function
Extremely efficient cooling motor
Refrigerant: R 290 , CFC-free
Premium 60 mm Insulation
Black front
Cooling unit on top behind the front panel
Digital thermostat
Integrated door lock for optimum product security
Silent operation
Door with soft open/close mechanism
Strong and consistent cooling
High performance with lower consuption (environmentally friendly)
Large storage capacity
Numerous storage options
Easy to clean
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Code: KG700ND

Dimensions: 740x830x2000mm

Power: 305W/230V

Manufacturer: Gastro

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