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Hot Dog prep. table
Hot Dog prep. table
2 190.00 € + VAT
Preparation table
Output: 0,38kW / 230V
2 Doors
With built-in chiller cabinet - for 9 x GN 1/6 containers
With cornered glass top
Temperature: from -2 °C to +8 °C
Digital thermostat
Automatic defrost function
Very resilient and durable
Hotdog Grill
Output: 1,4kW / 230V
2 Heating zones
Two separately adjustable thermostats
Hot dog grill, with 7 rollers
On/off switch
Made from stainless steel
Hotdog Warmer
Output: 0,35kW / 230V
Glass cylinder for warming and keeping sausages warm
Glass cylinder height: 245 mm
Glass cylinder diameter: 200 mm
Removable cover
Temperature infinitely adjustable
Operation control lights
Made of premium stainless steel
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Dimensions: 1210x700x1330mm

Power: 2,13kW / 230V

Manufacturer: GGM

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