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Besser Midi
Besser Midi
699.00 € + VAT

BESSER VACUUM External Suction Machine Midi

A wide range of stainless steel and ABS external suction vacuum sealers are the practical solution to all small business activities such as butchers, pastry shops, small supermarkets or food stores. Besser Vacuum vacuum sealers are perfectly suitable to those privates who need to pack lot of food such as in farms, or cold cuts addicted families. Besser Vacuum equipment will help you preserve food in aseptic vacuum bags under safe controls of vacuum packaging machines.

Power consumption: 0,85 kW
Self lubrificating pump: Yes
Welding bar: 2 x 430 mm
Working function: manual/automatic
Vacuum in jars: Yes
Sealing of cooking bags: Yes

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Dimensions: 510x295x180

Power: 230 V-50 Hz / 0,85kW

Manufacturer: External Vacuum

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