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Planetary mixer 80L
Planetary mixer 80L
7 847.00 € + VAT
The planetary mixer is completely made of paint metal. 
Tools and grid are in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for food contact. 
Solid and little noisy is suitable for small and medium-sized laboratories for the production of doughs and creams of various types, sweet or savoury. 
The machine is suitable emulsion, beating, kneading and mixing. The capacity of the tank is 80 litres. 
The model is with 3-speeds. 
The lifting of the bowl is manual. 
Easy to use and clean, it is also provided with adjustable feet, in the case where the floor is uneven. 
The machine is equipped with: spatula, whisk and spiral.
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Code: CBE0005/Z

Dimensions: 850x1032x1500mm

Power: 4kW / 400V

Manufacturer: Mastro

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