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Scale 5kg
Scale 5kg
271.70 € + VAT
– New model of a compact, light and easy to use checking scales.
– Functionality and finishing of the platter and the upper part of stainless steel housing make the device suitable for use as checking scales in trade, catering, food processing and warehouse management activities.
– Large, one-sided, 5-digit LCD display, 91x36 mm assures easy readout.
– Readout averaging function, ideal for weighing unstable goods, e.g. water, animals.
– Tare function allowing to weigh goods without packaging.
– Thanks to a built-in 6x AA 1.5A battery compartment the device may be used anywhere (batteries included).
– Battery operating time: alkaline: approx. 250 hrs, manganese cells: approx. 50 hrs.
– One Chip Module technology assures long battery operating time which makes the device a modern one, with high accuracy and reliability.
– Option to set automatic switch-off times to extend battery life.
– 230 V power adapter included.
– Two-way graduation, thanks to automatic toggle of graduation depending on platter load, the device assures higher accuracy of weighing light objects.
– 580271 scales parameters allow the use in pharmacies.
– Working temperature range: from -10˚C to +40˚C assure correct work both in winter and in hot summer.
– Platter size: 222x151 mm Accuracy class III.
– Weight: 1.65 kg
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Code: 580288

Dimensions: 239x227x66mm

Power: 6x AA 1,5A

Manufacturer: Hendi

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