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Dough sheeter 2400mm
Dough sheeter 2400mm
Dough sheeter 2400mm
3 345.00 € + VAT
Conveyor belts lengh: 2400mm
For dough from 0,3 to 35 mm
No dough sticking
Collapsible for easy storage
Easy to transport
Dimensions folded: 660x880x1780mm
Body made of premium stainless steel
Chrome-plated rollers
Dough roller / rolling pin made from stainless steel
Automatic dough sheeter
stand-alone unit
Stable, robust design
2 fixed and 2 swivelling wheels
Dough thickness adjustable from 0,3 - 35 mm
with emergency off-switch
Bracket for additional dough roller
Manual dough roller/rolling pin included
Motorised conveyor belts on both sides
Special design guarantees thin & even dough
Suitable for bakeries, hotels, restaurants and institutional kitchens
Easy to clean
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Code: TMK520L

Dimensions: 2950x880x1170mm

Power: 750W / 380V

Manufacturer: GGM

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